Re: Double Launch report!

Posted by Mike M. on Jun 9, 2004

frank - yep, I've only been car camping before this trip.

I was stewing on this idea a bit today... I heard from several different people, here and elsewhere, all said that we overpacked. So I had to figure it out, what did we bring that we didn't need or use? Well, we did use about everything we brought. So what didn't we need?

We brought a 2 seater version of those folding canvas chairs. That was a large item. What do light-packers pack to sit on? I brought a propane lantern that uses the same cylinders as my one burner stove (small). I could have lost the lantern part as I also brought a good flashlight. I may have been able to cut down on some of the items in my "junk" bag, I threw all sorts of stuff in there, from soap to matches to a spatula etc. We also brought 2 small soft coolers... Keeping it to one smaller one or none at all and going more on the canned/dry food would also save some space.

Boat packed full and stacked high, we still had a great time. There wasn't much wind fortunately during our trip, so we did alright even with all the deck gear. And the boat wasn't that much harder to move loaded as it was unloaded. But thanks to those more experienced campers for offering these tips :)

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