Re: Double Launch report!

Posted by FrankP on Jun 10, 2004


To answer some questions, and perhaps give some advice...camping light is kind of easy and kind of difficult but mostly depends on what you're willing to give up. The key is using gear that is multi-purpose. There was just an excellent Usenet post to the rec.camping, rec.backcountry, alt.rec.hiking and something else that lists some good suggestions for light-weight camping. I think the post was called Suggestions for Going Light or something like that.

Specifically, I would definitely lose the lantern and the camp chair. When camping I sit on a 8"x16" piece of closed cell foam that I cut off the end of a sleeping pad. It doubles as a pillow. I would also consider using headlamps instead of standard flashlights...smaller, lighter, and hands free. You stove sounds like it's a reasonable choice, but I prefer the white fuel stoves to the propane stoves that use disposable cylinders. That's mostly preference, but the cylinders are very bulky. Definitely pare down the "junk" bag. Keep only items that have multiple uses or are essential (matches & lighter--never one or the other, always both).

Another big choice is to dump the coolers and go with easy prep dry foods that don't need refrigeration. That will save a huge amount of space and you'd be surprised how well you can eat with a little preparation before your trip.

In the end, the choice is obviously yours and you have to decide what you're comfortable with. If that means a heavy load, then it does. Good luck on your next trip.


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