Re: Double Launch report!

Posted by Jay E. Morris on Jun 10, 2004

"We brought a 2 seater version of those folding canvas chairs. That was a large item. What do light-packers pack to sit on?"

Rock, fallen tree, butt. Well, we don't pack those in, except for the last.

"I brought a propane lantern that uses the same cylinders as my one burner stove (small). I could have lost the lantern part as I also brought a good flashlight."

LED flashlight about the size of a dollar coin. Candle lantern.

My goal is a 35lb max pack for a week. And at that I'm over by 15 pounds accord to the extemists. Everytime I come home I say "what didn't I need". My biggest weight savings was getting a filter pump and ditching the gallons of water.

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