Posted by Cleetus on Jun 3, 2004

OK I'll do my best to describe this problem, but if I fail, let me know and I'll try to figure out how to post a photo... I've got an lt16 and an lt17 going just about side-by-side and both recently received their decks. Once I began the process of slapping the decks on I realized that on both of them, the pre-cut kit fore-deck was a tad too small. On the 17 I was able to round over the edges to the point where it actually looks quite cool under the glass. The grain nicely matches the veneers in the plywood, and all in all, I'm quite pleased.

The 16, however, is quite a different story.

The deck was so small, that I was unable to even get all the nails to fit into the sheer clamp. So where the deck as not fully adhered, I figure I can inject some epoxy in there and possible reach inside to back fill it. The problem is that, in order to sand the 'lap' created by deck and sheer clamp, I will need to take off a lot of wood and a considerable amount of the clamp in the process. In addition, this is only problematic on the after 2/3rds of the forwards half of the boat. I'm afraid that trying to match the round-over all the way around would weaken the boat, as well as make it look sloppy.

So how can I deal with this? Are there any products like putties I can use to hide the lap while keeping it as structural as possible, and blending in with the plywood? This is going to be a natural finish by the way, just to keep things interesting for me.

Thanks in advance..