Re: woopsy-deck

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Jun 3, 2004

Interesting problem. Just curious, are you building from a kit? If so, let CLC know about the foredeck problems.

If you really want to go with a natural finish, just about anything you do will look a bit strange when varnished, particularly if you use a solid filler (which, depending on what you use, may be brittle or too soft if not reinforced). You can build up multiple layers of glass along the shear that can then be shaped to match the shear line further aft, but the heavily ground shear underneath will still show through.

Maybe consider painting the hull and overlapping the paint an inch or so on deck. I do this on most of my boats and the paint/varnish contrast seems to hi-lite both finishes.


In Response to: woopsy-deck by Cleetus on Jun 3, 2004