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Posted by Cleetus on Jun 5, 2004

WOW Great ideas :) I put a link to the newly-created Whoopsy-Deck homepage so you all can see what I'm talking about. Odd thing is this haapens not along the whole boat, but just at the part, on both side. It's like the boat was too wide there...but the sheer looks quite graceful and in proportion. the deck was not installed too far aft or forward either. It met where it should have with the after deck and there were a few inches of overhang directly off the bow. The pictures really are too clear, but they gave me an appreciation for how hard it is to photograph something like this. If it still isn't clear, let me know and when the wife gets home I'll use her mad Photoshop skillz to sharpen things up a bit and I'll re-publish the page. I'm not really too discouraged yet which is good, but I still would like to try and work with the deck that s on there now, rather than go for a full replacement. One of the biggest reasons being the BEAUTIFUL grain pattern in this piece of hog. Oh, that and the fact that grinding off the deck very well might drive me stark raving MAD. Peace- -Cleet

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