Re: woopsy-deck

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Jun 3, 2004

Gees, poor Cleetus is certainly getting some opinions. So here's another:

I wouldn't use Bondo in such a large area. If you're gonna build up a lot of material, I would mix in some chopped fiberglass with the filler to reduce brittleness. I would also glass over the filler, which you probably will anyway if you glass the deck.

Getting a new deck may be more trouble than it's worth. If CLC screwed up, they'll send a new deck on their dime, but I can assure you that getting the old deck off without trashing the hull will not be easy. The deck is now glued tenaciously to the shear clamp and those ring nails are difficult to remove without taking chunks of boat with them. I suppose, if your're facile with a reciprocating saw, you could rent one, use a metal-cutting blade and cut the deck off that way. Then you have to deal with the deck beam. Tricky, at best.

But cheer up, it will all work out.


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