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Hay John, I was looking at you gear store. You need to update your Tee shirts. I would buy a NE Dory shirt if you had one with the Lug sail pictured. You know, just an idea.

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RE: Just a suggestion

Ha, that's funny because I'd buy a Passagemaker tee if it had the original gunter-sloop rig shown instead of the lug rig.  I used to sell t-shirts for a living.  The one thing you can count on is that someone always want what you don't have.

RE: Just a suggestion

And some of us have been waiting since 2007 for the Wood Duck 12 shirt.



RE: Just a suggestion

   Petrel shirt please

RE: Just a suggestion

I was surprised there was no Eastport T-shirt. (Prefer sailing version! :-) I'd buy one in a heart beat!


RE: Just a suggestion

Zazzle.com and you can put any picture you want and any words you want on the front and back of a custom T-shirt. You can even make it available for others if they want to buy a similar shirt. They always have sales, watch for their sales. I just ordered a custom iPhone case for my wife with her dog's picture on it and a case for my phone featuring me in my Chesapeake 16.  Both cases with shipping ran a total of $40. Mike 

RE: Just a suggestion

Uh, HikeAZ, that would be stealing CLC's intellectual property.  You could maybe make one for yourself, but definitely not make them available for others.

I actually rip off almost all of the t-shirts I make, but they're for me.

I ripped off a Life Is Good sailing shirt that looks just like me in my Eastport Pram.


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RE: Just a suggestion

I don't sell any of the T-shirts ect that I make on Zazzle, they are for my use and I am not a lawyer but I would like a better understanding. If I put a picture that I took, of a boat I built on a  T-shirt how is that CLC intellectual property. I am not selling the design, I am not selling the plans. If I enter their photo contest their rules say I still retain all rights to that photograph. They also state that entering gives them the right to use my photograph as they wish which implies that I own the rights to the photograph. I am not trying to be argumentative I am really trying to understand.  Mike 

RE: Just a suggestion

Oh, I thought you were talking about taking the line drawings from the bottom of the boat's CLC page and printing that on a shirt.  If you're talking about a photo you took, then you're totally in the clear.  Sorry.


Passagemaker Standard

RE: Just a suggestion

Actually, I did exactly that.  I wore it to the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival a few years ago...


RE: Just a suggestion

Thanks Skully, I do not have a T with my Chesapeake on it but suspect I will in the near future. I have six kayaks and my Chesapeake is by far the favorite. When I do not have it on the water I just enjoy looking at it.


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