Amine blush removal

Just finished the final coat of sealing epoxy on my Eastport Pram. I used west system 206 hardener on the portions that are going to be painted and 207 on the rest. There was no visible blush anywhere on the boat, but to be on the safe side i followed west systems' recommendations and scrubbed everything with water then dried with paper towels. After a couple minutes when the boat fully dried you could see tons of blush everywhere. I then tried re-wetting and scrubbing with a scotchbrite pad. Every time I'd dip the pad in water i could see blush coming off. I'd dry it with clean paper towels and it would do the same as before, the blush would return. I spent about an hour scrubbing a small ~4sqft area over and over, constantly rewetting the pad and its still visible once it fully dries. Any help would be appreciated.

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RE: Amine blush removal

Has the epoxy fully cured? Washing partially cured epoxy with something mildly abrasive, even paper towels, will generate sticky, gummy bits of epoxy that can be mistaken for blush.



RE: Amine blush removal

It was fully cured. I think i figured it out. It was 2 things. #1 the paper towels i was using seemed to be spreading it around more than removing the gloss. I switched to micro fiber towels for drying and it helped alot. #2 i didn't know it was normal for the epoxy to go from a gloss finish to a matte finishing during the washing process. I thought it meant there was still blush present. I now know it is suppsoed to be matte after washing.

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