White spots



I just glassed the bottom of my board and discovered three white spots - there werent air bubbles and these are maybe less than 2x2 inches.  Way too big for air.  Aside from these the epoxy looks awesome like glass.  

Can i fix this?  I am waiting for it to dry a bit further before flipping and doing top and want to avoid these insightly things else its going to be a painted board?  Dunno...



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RE: White spots

I recently had a few white spots on my Teardrop and they didn't go away even when I squeezed the epoxy with my fingers. I let the fiberglass cure, sanded dimples through the fiberglass down to the wood until the spots were gone, filled the divots with a smidge of fiberglass and several drops of epoxy, sanded, and repeat until I got back to level. Looks fine now.


RE: White spots

Sounds like maybe contaminated cloth that didn't wet out properly. Joe's fix will totally solve that.



RE: White spots

   I should add that as you sand the epoxy, the fill can look alarmingly conspicuous. Once you cover it with a new coat it will seem to disappear. 

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