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I am thinking about a trailex trailer.  I have several kayaks, longest is my strip Petrel.  I also have a sunfish sailboat, and a 10' Avon inflatable.  I am giving thought to a SUT-250-S, with bunks.  I have an old trailex trailer that was given to me, no title, needs springs, wheels, axles, and and more.  I am thinking I can cut up some of the extrusions from the old one, and replicate the cross bars that the M-2 has, and add them on when needed.  It isn't worth buying the part for the old one, they come to almost $900 from Trailex.  So one question is, will the length work for the Petrel, and carrying the other boats, how does it tow, and are you comfortable with the 8" tires.  I am not looking to carry all at the same time.  Kayas at one point, inflatable or sunfish by themselves.  It seems the bunks are easily adjusted.  Any input would be appreciated.

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RE: Trailex trailer

When I was looking for a trailer, I considered the 250-S but went with the Malone MicroSport instead for storage reasons.  The Malone has an optional retractable tongue kit which allows you to store the trailer upright leaning against a wall.  The two racks are standard so the kayak holders (J-racks, saddles, rollers, gull wings, etc) will easily mount.  For the sunfish, I'd use saddles. 

The Malone has 12" whells and tows easily.  It does fine at highway speeds, but I don't pull it over 70 mph.

First picture is with two V-racks holding long skinny boats.  Second three boats on J-racks with the double in gull wings.  You need the wide bars for four boats.


RE: Trailex trailer

I have a sut-m2 trailer and now have a cheasepeake 17 kayak.  I have had this trailer for more than 10 years and still looks great.  Only issue I have had was with the trailer lights (bulb holder broke) replaced with an LED set. 

I haven't had any issues with the 8" wheels or with the trailer.  I really like the ability to move the front support around to spread the bars further apart.  I bought the trailer when I had a 14' kayak.  The only thing I wish Trailex had was a kit to lengthen the trailer. I have added an extension to move the lights further towards the back of the trailer so the kayak doesn't overhang the light as much.  Since I only carry 1 kayak currently, changed the front bar with one of the vertical bars so the front of the trailer is not as wide, leaving more space in the garage.  For storage on the trailer, I bolted a truck bed box between the wheels, and added a carrier for my greenland paddle that would not fit in my car.

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