Hot pink polyurethane update

Just heard from Interlux (they took around 5 minutes to respond). 

They do not recommend tinting Brightsides as it may interfere with curing or adhesion. 

Plan B?

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RE: Hot pink polyurethane update

Plan B would have then to be buying a quart of white and a second of red, knowing that 80% of the red's gonna go to waste.

I'm sure you can blend an acceptable shade if you're willing to do the mixing yourself, after acknowledging the extra cost for paint you likely won't be using.

('Nother fellow was asking about International Orange here not long ago. I suggested the same solition after the BS folks replied much as you received. A quart of red and one of yellow'd do for him, with maybe less red left over....)

RE: Hot pink polyurethane update

As I said in your previous post, mixing is easy and fun. My experience making pink is a little white goes a long way in the red.

Send photos,


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