Tiller Extension Extension on NE Dory?

Does anyone sail their NE Dory from the seat right behind the daggerboard housing?  

 I am wondering how you reach the tiller extension?

I know one builder on here said he sits sideways straddling the seat with his back against the bulkhead/side of the boat and that way he can reach the tiller extension, but I like to sit in the middle facing forward and slide butt to windward on tacks which makes reaching the tiller extension difficult. 

So I was thinking of making an extension for the tiller extension that could be removed when sailng from the middle seat.  I have a Forespar extension but dont know if that would work due to it making a swivel connection. (Pic below)




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RE: Tiller Extension Extension on NE Dory?

     Test things to see what you like, but I think an extension to the regular tiller (basically ending up with, starting from the rudder yoke) - rudder yoke, rope (almost universal) joint, tiller stick, universal joint, tiller extension - will make for a very loose and funky feel for the steering.  Just by themselves, the one long tiller stick and highly non-vertical rudder hinge-angle on NE dory, combined with the push-pull steering arrangment already makes for a rather unique steering feel that takes some getting used to.  Adding another universal and extension stick into the whole she-bang isn't something I'd do personally.

So, I'd recommend just going for one longer tiller stick, no extension.  I thought about using fir, bamboo and rattan.  I ordered a skinned rattan stick about 1.25 inches in diameter from a supplier in California.  https://www.franksupply.com/bamboo/rattan-poles.html  Varnished it and used it in place of the specified fir stick.  Cut to length of preference (I can steer from center seat, though I've added removable side-seats (see separate thread) and like those very much.  The rattan is quite flexible and virtually unbreakable. 

That's my two cents.

RE: Tiller Extension Extension on NE Dory?


RE: Tiller Extension Extension on NE Dory?

   And I just had another thought - still along the lines of avoiding the universal joint.  How about a tiller extension that simply made the existing tiller stick longer, but still resulted in one "solid" length of tiller?  Develop some sort of a ferrule that would join the two pieces. Maybe a foot or two of PVC pipe might do the trick, insert your extention half-way into pipe and glue in place, slip it over the end of the existing tiller stick, with a pin to hold the two together.

RE: Tiller Extension Extension on NE Dory?

   Bubblehead...bingo...I think the trusty PVC pipe idea is the simplest...could even paint it brown to blend in with the brightwork.  I have black rubber clips from Duckworks that I use to temporarily clip the extension to the rail a foot or so from the end of the current extension, I could mount another one for the longer extension when I'm sitting up there.

Somewhere I read a lot of posts (maybe pintrest) about how to heat and beat PVC pipe into any shape...maybe I could make the ends the same shape as the wood sticks..

For that matter I guess I could make a "pipe" out of wood to snugly fit both the old and new extension and pin each one in half way like you said.

Thanks for your ideas!


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