Experience with Sea Gold?

I am the third owner of a NE Dory.  While the boat is structurally excellent and in very good cosmetic condition, it is clear that I will need to refresh the brightwork after the season.

In looking at Wooden Boat (Jan 2018 issue), I read a reasonably positive review of Sea Gold (http://www.pettitpaint.com/products/varnish-wood-finishes/exterior-varnish/seagold/ ) as a replacement for traditional varnish.  This water soluble product claims not to need sanding between coats and dries fast enough to allow 3-4 coats per day.  These chracteristics are very appealing to a non-pro like me. 

Has anybody in the community had experience with this prodict, especially on top of pre-existing varnish?  Is it durable?  I don't need to worry about UV resistance since my dory is in a heated garage when not on the water.








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RE: Experience with Sea Gold?

I have no direct experience with Sea Gold but I have also read the reviews.  I used Pettit paints on my cruising boat for years so I know that they are a good company.  I know that Clint Chase (owner of Chase Small Craft) recently posted on his FB page that he used Sea Gold on a new construction and had good things to say.

When I was building my GIS, I was looking for one of the "quicker to apply" varnishes.  Sea Gold looked good but had just been introduced so there were no reviews yet.  I went with Epifanes Rapidclear Semi-Gloss.  It is not water based like Sea Gold but can be recoated in 5 hours and does not need to be sanded between coats.  I put 5 coats on the interior of my Goat in 8 hours total over 2.5 days.  It is easy to apply and looks good, but not as great as a high build product like Schooner.  They also sell a tinted version called Rapidcoat which I will use on my next kayak build.  

Which ever product that you use, make sure that you talk to their technical support regarding its compatability with the current varnish.


RE: Experience with Sea Gold?

After doing a little research, I got a quart of Sea Gold at West Marine (Full Disclosure:  I work there), so I'll give it a shot on the brightwork of my PMD and let you know how it works out.  The fact that it's water-based and I can put several coats on in a day is a HUGE deal for this Dad/Hubby/manager/plans builder who has precious little time for his pet project.

RE: Experience with Sea Gold?

 Hi Capt. S:

Looking forward to your report,  thanks for being a test bed for the product.



RE: Experience with Sea Gold?

I won't buy it again.  After several coats application on rudder, centerboard and spars, the final appearance was a tad too flat as compared to results I've gotten previously from varnish.

RE: Experience with Sea Gold?

 Daniel b:

Did you use the gloss version of the product, not widely available? 

The satin is commonly carried by West, Hamilton etc.


RE: Experience with Sea Gold?

I'm not concerned about gloss, butterscotch, etc.  I am just going to put about 5 coats over the epoxy on the mahogany rub rails/oarlock risers for UV protection.  In fact, they may be the only parts of the boat finished bright.  We'll see...

RE: Experience with Sea Gold?

  I have used Sea Gold Satin on a Welsford design I built and like it very much for the ease of application and results.  Only the Satin finish was available when I got it, but it worked very well and I like it a lot.  I'll for sure try the Gloss when it's available.  I highly recommend it and coming from Pettit, I felt it was good stuff to start with since I've used Pettit a lot over many years of boats.  Gets max stars (4?  5?  10?.) from me. 

RE: Experience with Sea Gold?

   Jesse1789, it was the Satin.  Probably not the best choice, for trying to get a little shine for my labors.   

RE: Experience with Sea Gold?

 daniel b:

I have subsequently learned the gloss version was pulled for the market, apparently not ready for prime time,


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