NE Dory removeable thwart purpose?

The design has the aft thwart removeable to make the dory more comfortable for a solo rower taller than 6’2”. Since this is only of value to about three per cent of the adult population (not including me), I don't understand why CLC made it the default fitment and not an option.

Is there some other good reason for wanting a quickly removable aft thwart? It adds build time, weight, and the knobs take space.

We'll mostly be using the boat with two people either under sail or with one rower, and going camping e.g. on the Maine Island Trail. I'm about to screw the thwart down the same as the others. But before I do is there some other use for this removable feature? Maybe to add cargo space? I can always retrofit it.

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RE: NE Dory removeable thwart purpose?

No reason to install the removable-thwart feature if you don't think you'll ever need it.

We made it a standard feature because rowing enthusiasts, the kind who use their Northeaster Dories for recreational and exercise rowing all the time, are disproportionately tall! 

RE: NE Dory removeable thwart purpose?

I am 6’, reading the manual it says that the removable thwart is needed if you are 6’2” or taller. So I skipped it. I am thinking of adding it back in. Or at least removing the floatation panel from under that thwart. I would like just a tiny bit more leg room when I am rowing. I spent an afternoon fruitlessly trolling around a lake this last weekend, not even 1 bite. But after that 3 hours of leisurely rowing, I really wanted to stretch my legs out a little.    

RE: NE Dory removeable thwart purpose?

   I am 5'9" with 31" inseam and i almost never bother to remove the after thwart to row from the middle thwart.  And those big knobs do get in the way when sailing!   So if you are my height or less, yes you could save the hardware in case you change your mind later and just install that thwart with screws like the other ones.   However i think the height at which you might want the removable is just about anything over 5'9", as even i will admit that it's more comfortable for me rowing with it removed.  

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