Mahoghany rub rail gouge filler?

When attaching my rub rails and inwales to my NE dory I inadvertently attached one of the sections with a bad side 'up', so that an approximately 1" long gouge is on the top instead of being on the bottom side.  UGH!    I don' think sanding it will remove it completly because it is a bit deep.  So I was wondering what is the preferred product and method to fill such a blemish?  I will be varnishing the gunnel/inwale.

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RE: Mahoghany rub rail gouge filler?

   If it's a pressure dent with no (or minimal) torn fibers, it can likely be steamed out: set a clothes iron to its hottest setting, place several layers of quite wet cloth over the dent, and press the iron's tip over the cloth above the dent.

If the gouge goes with the grain, carve it into a V-bottomed long football/sliver shape, and a corresponding dutchman to fit, then glue and firmly clamp it.

A gouge across the grain will likely mean putty. If you're artistic, you might be able to draw some grain lines through the patch.

Perhaps adding a 1" wood plug could work, especially if you added a corresponding one to the other side of the boat. 9/10 people would think it served some indecipherable nautical purpose...

RE: Mahoghany rub rail gouge filler?

   Yes, it is gouge running with the grain so I'll try the dutchman and see how that works. 

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