Matunuck paddler height??

I'm thinking of building a Matunuck, but wanted to check that I'd fit it before starting, rather than finding out I don't once finished. I'm 6ft 1inch and think it should be fine, but it's an expensive mistake if I'm wrong. 

Has anyone around 6ft used a Matunuck??

Many thanks

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RE: Matunuck paddler height??

   Here's a link to another paddler, 6'3", that was too big for the boat but liked it.  And another that liked it too.

RE: Matunuck paddler height??

   I'm the 6'3" guy referenced in the post above. Weight is the more important measurement than height. I've surfed it at 230 LBs, and the stern is barely afloat, but it surfs great. Hope you built one!

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