Aw crud.

Was planning to cut out pieces for a Wood Duckling tomorrow and... I can't find the transom pattern. There's a medium-high to extremely-high possibility it went out with the shop trash. Crud.

Anyone out there willing to measure the base/length of this piece on their own boat and perhaps snap a picture (so I can simulate the curve)? With this info I think I can fudge it- I'd rather not buy another set of plans over my carelessness.

I'm open to other suggestions, too.



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RE: Aw crud.

Hi, Patrick:

I'm pretty sure I have a spare Duckling transom laying somewhere around my garage. (I didn't use it in the construction because I used it as a pattern for solid mahogany one instead.) I'll check tomorrow and let you know for sure, and if I have it I'll be glad to send it to you.


RE: Aw crud.

Okay, no pic will be forthcoming, but here's the best description I can give you. The top of the transom is 3 7/16" wide. It is 6 3/8" high. If you draw a line from the top corner to the bottom point the high point of the curve is 11/32" inside the line. It's made of 3mm and the grain runs across (side to side).

Hope this helps.

George K

RE: Aw crud.


Thank you both! Jim, I think George's measurements should suffice, but thank you for the offer.

Onward and upward!



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