Wood Duck 12 Side Panel hairline Gap

Thanks to everyone who has posted advice on this forum. I really appreciate your knowledge and insight.

I have assembled the bottom and side panels of my hull. The bottoms went together very well. The side panels were a little more difficult, but I got the bow looking good and moved to the stern. That's were the trouble began. I followed all of the steps in the manual and was able to close up the transom, though it will need a bit of fairing after the fillets and taping are complete. However, try as I might, I ended up with a hairline gap between the side panels and the bottom. The gap is on both sides and starts 8" forward of the transom and is about 6" in length. I can see light through it. I have tried putting in extra ties, but have been unsuccessful in closing it so far. I am not sure what to do at this point. 


Thanks in advance for your help.

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RE: Wood Duck 12 Side Panel hairline Gap

I'd ignore it. The fillets will plug the leak and if it's truly a hairline no one will notice it (especially if you paint the bottom).



RE: Wood Duck 12 Side Panel hairline Gap

2nd vote for what Lazlo said. The only thing that I have to add is you might need to use a stick to wedge the bottom of the side out to match the top of the bottom panel. After building 2 WD12s, 2 WD doubles and 1 WD14, you are at the toughest part. Once it is all tacked up things start to move pretty quickly. Just make sure to get solid tacks back there and let them set up, before pulling the stitches. Good luck.

RE: Wood Duck 12 Side Panel hairline Gap

I've done a duckling, and a Shearwater Sport Hybrid. 


I had a similar thing on the Duckling, and its all fine. Just tack up as Lazlo suggests. If you do want a really tight joint, on the next build I came up with this, which might work for you. 



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