Re: Clc 16 San O

Posted by James Abell on Dec 1, 2007

Ok, thanks Jim E, thats going to save me on the heat bills!

HI George, Sure shippers have you there, but the deliverer clearly agreed the box had been really bashed. It is good news however that it shouldnt be a problem.

I surf over hear too, but live 2 and a half hours from the surf so I paddle mostly at the moment. With regards to the cold, ones body just really gets used to it and it helps to get things like 7mm boots, etc.

Its kind of good in a way, going out in a cold winters day, once I get paddling, I dont personally feel that cold, then you have the satisfaction that winter isnt a barrier to getting out there.

Its really the winter wind that can get you here, I would say waiting in the lineup surfing here in winter you get colder than paddleboarding.

Beleive it or not, the summer here you can kind of get a sun tan.

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