Re: Clc 16 San O

Posted by George K on Dec 1, 2007


I didn't persue anything with the shippers. I don't know how they are in Scotland but here you have to prove without reasonable doubt the problem was caused by them and not the guys who packed it. It's much easier to fix the problem.

I'm down here in sunny Florida where the water is warm and gentle breezes blow. You guys paddling in Scotland are hard core! By the way, I don't paddleboard myself. Just surf. I built the first San O 14 BETA version and a friend of mine now owns that. (It's his picture in the new CLC catalog knee-paddling) The other was for a surf museum here. However I did take both boards out for a spin and was certainly impressed with the performance. Then I tried to surf one in. Not very pretty.

George K

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