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Posted by Ian Colledge on Jul 28, 2007

Paul I'm a first builder from Caloundra, Queensland and in the middle of building a C16. A friend(!) challenged me to build it from the plans in the "The New Kayak Shop". I used all the lofting details in the book ( gave up convering the imperial measurements to metric and bought an imperial ruler) To my suprise and joy the panels fitted very well and the hull shape is very pleasing. I have had an apparent progress pause while I have been working out the pros and cons about a rudder. The foot controls are now being fitted before the deck will go on.

So far I've found it a most interesting project. Once you tell people that you are building a boat I have found a new set of friends who have built boats come out of the woods and are eager to share their experiences. (Hence my writing to you)

I'm using Bote-Cote epoxy system, which I got from Boatcraft Pacific up here in Qld. They have agents around the country. I sourced from them the epoxy , the glass, plywood and silica bronze nails etc. I've written twice to CLC on this website a couple of times and got helpful advise.

Here are a few of the manyu things that I found useful.

A set of small frames that I clamp on my saw horses allows me to work at a comfortable height.

I used Bosch T101AO blades on my jigsaw and find that they cut the 4mm ply very cleanly unlike the normal wood blades.

A cheap Japanese pull saw from Bunnings. This is a useful little saw it cuts flush with minimal scratching . A heat gun is a good way to get off excess epoxy with a paint scraper.

It is nice to hear of someone on this side of the globe building a Chesapeake kayak.

Good luck


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