Re: C17 First time builde

Posted by Chris on Aug 3, 2007

Glass the deck. It makes it much more scratch resistant. My first build does not have glass on the deck (just a couple of coats of epoxy and varnish. It is easy to nick to the wood and results in absorbtion and staining. The 2.5 oz glass on boat 2 adds very little weight and it is relatively bullet proof. While I advocate light weight, it should not be at the expense of strength and toughness. A few other weight tips are to round over the inside edge of the shear clamps and deck beam. Pull out all the copper wire stitching (easy if you lay small epoxy "tabs" between stitches which allows you to pull the wires before filleting). Mix a healthy amount of wood shavings into the end-pours. also don't bother with rubrails. finally, pass on rudders and skegs - the Ches tracks beautifully in all conditions. Learn your different paddle strokes and all will be great.

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