Re: C17 First time builde

Posted by Chris on Aug 2, 2007

Hey - I also built a CH16 (actually 2)from the plans in "The Kayak Shop"! with great success.

Anyway - my advice... think weight control in everything you do, especially with the application of epoxy. Mask the edges of your fillets and keep them as small as possible (you have about 48 feet of them, not counting the bulkheads. Tape the fillets with diagonal cut 8 oz glass, not the bulky 2 inch ready-made glass tape. Apply epoxy to the glass and all weave fill coats only with a squeege (a flexible plastic straight-edge) - no rollers or brushes - they lay it on too thick. Do more thin rather than less thick coats. It really pays off in the end. My first build is a full 12 pounds heavier than my second which is only 40 lbs fully rigged and just as tough. I also used 2.5 oz glass on the deck rather than the recommended 6 oz - also for weight control.

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