Paddle Choice

Posted by Norm on Jun 10, 2007

Ok...the end is near. I'm in the final stages of my MC 16.5, and will soon be exploring the vast world of paint-n-varnish. HOORAY! So... Now on to the next area: PADDLES. I understand that because of the wide beam of a Millcreek, a longer paddle is desireable. Ultimately, I wish to make one. However, in the short run, what are the advantages of the different styles? Should I go feathered, or not feathered? (Or is tha offset vs. aligned...?) What of the Greenland style? Is it best to begin with a "typical" paddle, and then graduate to a Greenland style? Aside from needing a paddle length of 240 cm., I'm at a loss for additional details. Oh... and for the sake of discussion, the Milly will be on flatwater lakes, with some tandem work, but also used solo much of the time. thankd in advance for your words!