Kurt's a big proponent

Posted by Charlie Jones on Jun 10, 2007

of Greenland paddles, and having used one of his to play with I can see why. But I don't think he's familiar with the MC 16.

With it's beam and higher side coamings, I'd opt for a standard paddle with regular blades. You can still buid your own quite easily.

Personally I prefer offset blades, but that's because I've used them for 25- 30 years now from way back paddling a FolBot Super. And I'm old enough for it to be difficult to change my ways - Grin

For the uses I have for a kayak ( or a decked canoe like the Mill Creek) I'd defintely stay with the bladed paddles. For use in a sea-type or greenland style kayak, I'd definitely opt for the greenland style. And paddling with Kurt just may force me to build one of those ( like I have time- yeah right)

But either way, I'd sure build my own paddle. My current paddle was built using the Birdsmouth method, which was discussed a week or so ago here. It has cupped blades and weighs in at 31 ozs.

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