Re: Paddle Choice

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jun 10, 2007

I'm a huge fan of homemade paddles, and lots of 'em. No, really...

Two things going on here: first, the home-spun version is cheap enough to perform experiments with; and second, the more you make the easier and less fearful the making of new ones becomes. As with boat building, each paddle project gets quicker, lighter, and cheaper. Better built and nicer looking, too.

Lots of paddles allows you to try different lengths, widthes, shapes, etc. for yourself, which is worth all the opinions in the universe. Those first paddles ought to be built simply, since most of your efforts will be in learning shaping and finishing techniques. Fancier executions may come later, not only after basic skills have been developed, but also when you've discovered what suits you best on the water.

Greenland paddles are easier to make; you just carve 'em out of a 2x4. I like unfeathered Euro paddles since the liklihood of slapping down a brace with an edge-on blade is greatly diminished. All else (Greenland vs. Euro, Feathered vs. straight, etc., etc.) is 98% religious discussion.

In Response to: Paddle Choice by Norm on Jun 10, 2007