Re: cartopping long boats

Posted by craig on May 7, 2007

I tend towards very long or very short boats. My kayaks are allover 19 feet, and my personal canoes are under 12 feet(strippers). Since I have always used a pickup truck my racks are round about 6 feet apart. I use bow lines with saddles for the kayaks, but not stern lines. I have traveled six or seven thousand miles like this with no problems. When I have one or two of the canoes on top, I do not use bow or stern lines. I have found that if you use the Thule J-saddles that you have to tie both the bow and stern, or the boats will bounce and cause the saddle bolts to loosen. I feel that it is not the length of the boat that matters as much as the type of saddles or block that you use.

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