Re: cartopping long boats

Posted by Ed, NY on May 8, 2007

I have car topped up to 3 kayaks or a canoe and 2 kayaks at speeds of 70+ on a mini van. I never trust the racks. If you have carried a kayak when a 20 MPH gust of wind hits it you know how much pressure can be created. Imagine 70 MPH pushing up on the bow of a long kayak. I tie the yaks down to the roof racks, then throw a long strap over the top of both right in front of the cockpit comming (over the deck beam and run it through the inside of the car so if the racks come loose something is still holding the boats down. I then secure the bows to the frame under the front bumpers with a good strong rope through the bow carry toggles. This has worked well for me so far.


In Response to: Re: cartopping long boats by Jack D on May 7, 2007