Re: wet sanding varnish

Posted by Dave on Oct 16, 2005

I just went through this same thing and concluded as you do - that I was just sanding off all of the varnish.

I decided to do a good sanding and remove the couple of varnish runs that I had let happen and then I ended up turning the boat upside down and holding up with braces into the hatches so that I could varnish the entire boat in one go. (you can suspend it right side up too - with wires into the hatches - but I found upside down resulted in fewer runs - especially aournd the hatches). After a coat - I would just very lightly sand the varnish to remove the little dust bumps. 5 coats in 3 days - in the water the fourth day.

In Response to: wet sanding varnish by Jon Zeidler on Oct 16, 2005