Re: wet sanding varnish

Posted by Howard on Oct 16, 2005

i wet sand with 400. i first look for any runs and hit those with a sanding block until i fix that problem. for dust bunnies, i put a wet sponge on top of the sanding block and then the paper on top of the sponge. i look to make sure that i have just dulled the finish.

should not take any significant amount of varnish off except for the runs where you were actively trying to get that drip off. as for UV protection, I usually go with 4 to 5 coats of z-spar. my boats seem to be holding up through many seasons (5 years) very well. but i store them in the garage when they are not being used. i have been told three at a minimum....but when you are all set up for varnishing and the weather is warm...can usually get two coats in on a its not a lot of extra work in my view.

do remember, though, that the varnish, while it drys quickly, does not realy super harden until it has baked a while. so be careful to support the boat very gently after varnishing or you can end up with some imprint on the soft varnish if you are not careful.


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