Re: wet sanding varnish

Posted by Steve Miller on Oct 17, 2005

I think the minimum for UV protection is 4 coats and that is what CLC says. On a boat stored inside that is probably ok but I like more coats. At least 6 over epoxy and 10 on bare wood. The idea with varnish is that you get enough coats to lightly sand off the top coat or two every few years then add two coats thus never getting to bare wood. Re-varnish before you visually need it and the whole process will be easier and the boat look better longer.

For wet sanding I use 400 grit by hand with a light touch. If you have runs then scrape them off first. Every other coat I use a fine grain 3M pad to lightly scuff the varnish. Don't use too coarse a pad or the scratches will show in the next coat!

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