Epoxy adhesion

Posted by Jon Zeidler on Apr 11, 2005

Second question of the day for me: I've just glassed the deck and it looks great, if I do say so myself. I'm going to wait about 8-10 hours before putting down the second coat of epoxy. I had a problem with the hull. I had adhesion problems between the second and third coats. I think it's because I let the second coat cure and didn't sand. Can someone clarify for me the steps involved for application of epoxy between the second (fill) coat and the third and forth coats? Do you wait for the second coat to cure completely and sand? Or do you try to get all the coats on within 10 hours of prior coat when still tacky? I find the guidance on this point a little unclear. Also, if sanding is necessary, what grit? Light sand? Heavy? Thanks a lot. I've got some problems with my hull that I'd like to avoid on the deck, if possible.