Re: Epoxy adhesion

Posted by Steve Miller on Apr 11, 2005

Depending on brand, the blush issue is not a factor in what I call hot coating. That is coating within the no sanding window listed by the manufacturer. You can generally recoat just as soon as the surface is dry to the light touch but still a bit tacky to the firm touch - firm enough not to be messed up by the activity of adding the next coat. Obviously this is pushing it and I generally wait until its hard enough to be not tacky at all. If warm I can get 3 coats on in a day. I do this, let it cure then sand and see if I need another light coat. I use System 3 goo so your mileage may vary if you use another brand. By the way System 3 says 72 hours I think for coating without sanding buy I normally don't go past 24 hours.

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