Re: Epoxy adhesion

Posted by Steve Miller on Apr 12, 2005

You don't have to get all the coats on in 10 hours. Seems you are thinking you have to coat again while its still tacky (before its cured hard) but that is not the case, you have at least 24 hours between coats without sanding. System 3 says 72 hours but I never have gone much more than 24 - 36 hours. Never need to and could not wait. :-)

Please go to the System 3 website and download their epoxy book. It will answer your questions and put your mind at ease. The tiny bit of info on epoxy that comes with the kits is not enough to stand alone and you really need to get the full story. It will be an hour well spent reading and learning.

Just do each coat as soon as you can. Its OK to let it cure to the non tacky stage, say over night then coat again. For example, coat in the morning, coat again after dinner and then the next morning. 3 coats in 24 hours. You can go longer if you want, like a coat a day for 3 days, according to System 3 but I don't like to wait more than 24 between coats without sanding. If you have to wait too long, no big deal. Wet sand the boat or wash it (clean water and a 3M pad, no soap) and then sand. Sand to take the gloss off and dull the epoxy. 220 is fine. No need to go any rougher. Rinse it off and dry. Wait overnight and add a coat. No solvents or tack rags please. Just water and clean lint free rags. You will be fine.

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