Re: Epoxy adhesion

Posted by Mac on Apr 11, 2005


It would really help if you can tell us the type (brand) of epoxy, and the conditions in your shop (temp. and humidity).

Usually, if using slow cure epoxy at about 70 degrees, you can recoat at about 5 hours or so for maximum chemical adhesion. This assumes your epoxy does not blush amines. If blushing, I'd advise letting each coat cure hard and washing off the blush prior to a 320 grit sanding for what is now mechanical adhesion.

As Lee has mentioned, mixing is crucial if you want to apply multiple coats before complete cure, otherwise you're faced with varying surfaces and the resulting varying adhesion.

Fear not, the deck - being only one surface - is way easier than the hull.

Try to scrape off any runs, sags, glops etc before recoating - you'll thank yourself later.

In Response to: Epoxy adhesion by Jon Zeidler on Apr 11, 2005