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Posted by Ken Leffert on Apr 9, 2005

The scrap strips are a good idea, don't take them off too soon, I believe those batton to hatch joints are more susceptible to failure because of insufficient curing time than any other joints on the boat. It certainly can't hurt to build them flat, as you have done, but I really believe that your twist will return just as soon as they are unclamped.

A little side-note here ..... I know that posts like this have to be a little frustrating to John and the folks at CLC, because some first-time builders might get to thinking that their hatches are going to be twisted beyond usability if they don't add something to the original design. THAT'S JUST NOT TRUE! My hatches work fine with the original design, as do thousands of others. Ray's using (I believe) 5-ply khaya, which by its nature would be more prone to twist when bent, it has 3 layers of grain trying to get their say in the final shape instead of just two. That said (whew!)......

Lee's post got me to thinking about a box frame, I think it would be more effective as an X-frame, whittled a little pattern out of cardboard. This hatch is perfectly usable without it, but if it were warped, I would clamp it in some way to hold it un-warped, cut out some plywood to match the cardboard, glue and fillet it in place and let it cure. Just theory here, mind you, I've never done this, but looks to me like it ought to take care of any twist. The patterns didn't take that long, maybe 15 minutes, betcha a couple of hours work would take care of the whole process, both hatches. Whatcha think, Lee?

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