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Posted by LeeG on Apr 10, 2005

That's what I saw on a few hatches, the slight twist didn't matter with thick gaskets and tight straps where the gasket could be compressed down 1/8" on the centerline but 1/4" thick on the sides. The twist pretty much gets taken out when the straps are tightened down hard.

Prior to the hatch reinforcements and tape on the Chesapeake hatches the older Cape Charles hatches with boxed frames held up longer because the long edge of the boxed frame spread out the stress better than the edges of the three 6mm ribs. I was holding a Cape Charles hatch made out of 3mm and was wondering why it was still in one piece compared to the 4mm Chesapeake design (prior to the existing hatch rings and taped ribs) where the edge of the rib was delaminating with little cracks from the underside of the hatch. Looking at the end of the 6mm rib with marginal fillets the hatch was delaminating from the rib but the Cape Charles hatch had upwards of 8" or so to spread the stress out,,1/4"(6mm) is a lot less than 8". On a recent construction i put 4mm reinforcing rib in the middle of the hatch over 1 1/2" glass tape. Once you've got tape in there a vertical piece of 4mm 1/2"-1" is thick enough but I guess it would be hard to hold a spring clamp on 4mm without it flopping over repeatedly.

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