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Posted by ray on Apr 10, 2005


you're quite right. the hatches are stll warped. i really like the x frame idea, but i am going to try something else.

Alot of you have said that the warp doesn't matter, saying things like the seal compensates fo the error etc. etc. Having built flush hatches then this doesn't work for me. The seals are about 1/4 inch and compress to vitually nothing. To make this hatch waterproof then it needs even pressure and therefore i must make a true hatch.

Also i have spent so long building this boat, that leaving it with warped hatches would always be dissapointing

Heres the plan

When i cut out the frame to support the flush hatch (this is stuck under the deck), it produced scrap ply - exactly the same size as the hatch opening + the rim. I am going to stick this to the battons, that are already stuck to the hatch. I think this will bring the hatch true. An added advantage of this method is that i can add a second seal for waterproofing.

I'm not sure i have explained this well. Lets try it another way. If you look at the hatch from the side, you see two hatches stuck together with battons in between. The lower hatch is flat and the upper hatch is the same radii as the deck. The upper hatch is about 1 inch wider that the lower hatch. This difference represents the timber cut out to make the hatch frame.

Around the edge of the lower hatch i will add a second seal. I will visit a scrap yard tomorrow to take something 'beefy' of a car door. This seal will be fastened to the lower hatch.

the other seal is compressed on the frame by the upper hatch

i will let you know how this works

all the best


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