there are purpose made

Posted by Charlie Jones on Mar 23, 2005

blades especially for disc sanding on a table saw. I have two of them. Both of mine came from Craftsman (sears) but I've had them for YEARS and don't know if Sears still sells them. The good thing about them is that they are about twice as thick as a regular blade (and have no teeth). They come with grit on both sides, two different grits, so you can use either.

I happen to have an older table saw that isn't used for cutting anymore. I intend to set that up permanently with one of the discs, when I get some extra time.

Look into finding one of those, and you'll have a MUCH better (and safer) way of sanding on your table saw.

In Response to: Tablesaw = Disksander by Robert N Pruden on Mar 23, 2005