Re: I am buckling to pres

Posted by Mark Camp on Mar 23, 2005

Pruden, I'm glad you're safe once again.

But frankly, there is a part of me that is a little disappointed that you chickened out. I thought our Neighbors to the North were made of slightly tougher stuff.

Kind of an antidote, always there in the medicine chest if need be, to our southern tendency to cave in to the latest neurotic Coastal anxiety fad ("Striped Toothpaste: Threat, or Menace?").

But that's ok. I went ahead and ground the teeth off my new "sanding disk' for safety's sake. Grabbed an old asbestos brake drum that we're not sposed to use down here anymore but I saved mine, fired up the old table saw, and let 'er rip. Got somethin in my eye but there was a can of something within reach and two-three squirts cleaned it out good, plus, my touch of the flu is gone, suddenly.

If you could make a country out of the best of Canada and the best of 'Merica, why, you would really have something there, I do believe.

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