Posted by Kurt Maurer on Mar 23, 2005

Disk sanders are ineffiencent! I use up to a 32-incher, for petes sake!! They're wonderful tools once you discover a technique for gettin' good use out of 'em, but until that happens you just burn out the grit in no time. Here's what you do instead, Robbo:

Buy a Delta 4"x36" stationary belt sander with 6-inch disk. Play with that little disk until you begin to see how it is used to actual advantage. In the meantime, you will LOVE the belt sander's action! This machine costs an even hundred, but it will get used constantly, and for all sorts of things that have nothing whatever to do with making kayaks! In time, you may even see an upgrade as an efficient expenditure of cash, it's that good!!

Hey, that's how it shook out for me, anyway.

Cheers, Kurt

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