I am buckling to pressure

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Mar 23, 2005

...and going out to Sears and RONA to look at the sanding disks. That said, the converted blade worked well and didn't bother me one iota to use. I've worked with my power tools for 22-years and never had an accident and probably won't coz I'm more awake while using them than I am at any other time.

Sometimes I just hate being controversial, I get a lot of negative comments and have to eat all this crow. I haven't seen a crow in my neighborhood in months. I think they have flown to safer climes. Isn't there a child's song about birds-in-a-pie or something? I think I need to hum a few bars.

Robert N Pruden

In Response to: there are purpose made by Charlie Jones on Mar 23, 2005