Re: Beginner Sailor...

Posted by Petewp on Mar 13, 2005

Either boat would be fine. With what sailing Ive done in similar boats you'll come along nicely. Ignore everything Howard just said. No I wouldnt try to learn sailing in a 25' O'day cabin cruiser, but either one of the boats you mention would lend itself to a self intuitive learning experience. If you cant figure it out - it'll show you. Just stay under 10 knots, preferably 7 knots on protected waters for your first outtings. Thats the key element here - even 5 knots quite frankly is a good toe in.

Howard you're over thinking a very basic property of these designs and giving misleading advice as a result.


In Response to: Re: Beginner Sailor... by Howard on Mar 12, 2005