Posted by Howard on Mar 13, 2005

whoa pete,

i think the only time it makes sense to say ignore something somebody else on issues of facts or well accepted standards of safety. the reason people come to forums is to get a variety of oppinions based on a lot of different experiences. fwiw...i respect your oppinions even though they don't always match with mine.

here is clarification...for duke. my advice starts from trying to understand what you are looking for...

if you are desiring to learn to sail and have no particular interest in building boats or think that you can get into sailing cheaper by building a boat...i stand by my advice. without knowing your particular would be a stetch to suggest any of the clc boats as a great way to get into sailing. there are a lot of designs out there to meet a lot of different needs. from my experience in sailing, selling sailboats, and teaching folks how to sail, rarely does somebody new to sailing have a good sense of what questions to even ask to figure out what kind of boat would be good for them.

if you are starting with the premise that you are looking for a project to build that he can sailed..and that this your first order of priority (to build). well the reviews from the folks here speak for themselves. and with respect to clc's design, they meet their design objectives pretty well....which in my view are...1) easy to build, 2) stable, 3) capable of being run up on a beach, 4) ability to switch between sailing and rowing mode.

anyway, at the end of the day, that's the advantage of a get a lot of oppinions from a lot of different perspectives and histories.

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