Re: Beginner Sailor...

Posted by Howard on Mar 12, 2005

the best boat for a beginner sailor may not be one that you build yourself.

if your focus is learning to sail i would recomend that you contact some local sailors and get their suggestions on where you can get an appropriate boat and some instruction.

the folks who sail, as a group, are incredibly friendly and supportive of somebody who endeavors to learn.

your local sailors can easily apprise you of where you can get instruction (or even offer it themselves) and suggest what type of boat is good for you....which depends on a number of factors that are better to assess in person.

there are also so many great small sailboats at very good prices that it will probably be cheaper than build-it-yourself boats.

for whatever its worth, i do not consider the clc designs particulary oriented towards learning to sail or being great sailing boats. i think they are oriented to giving a sailing option to those persons whose real interest is in building a simple sailing boat. i don't mean that as a slight to clc...just a characterization of how i think they are approaching product development vs other sailing options.

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