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Posted by CLC on Mar 13, 2005

>>>>>> would be a stetch to suggest any of the clc boats as a great way to get into sailing.>>>>>>>>

Well, with the usual disclaimer about my institutional bias, I'd have to nominate the Skerry or Jimmy Skiff as near-perfect first-timer boats. They both have simple, single-sail rigs combined with strong stability. They aren't racing dinghies but nor are they slugs; at least one Olympic sailor of my acquaintance worked out the Skerry one day and pronounced it delightful. They're just right for daysailing.

Building your own sailboat AND learning how to sail it will be a fun, creative experience.

The way to have a good time learning how to sail is to have an experienced sailing friend go out with you in your newly built boat the first dozen times. Besides sailing instruction, he or she will make sure the boat is rigged properly---which is often the hardest part for beginning sailors.

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