Discouraged MC13 builder

Posted by Lou on Feb 27, 2005

Can some one please help me save my boat? I am building a Mill Creek 13 and getting very discouraged here. I really need so insight into what I am doing wrong. I put the glass on my deck. The first coat went extremely well, wetted out nice and the glass never floated it looked great. The first fill coat went on real nice also. I scraped the transition of the deck glass down on the sided of the hull. I had previously sanded the hull so the third coat could be rolled down to the chine. This got all orange peal looking on the hull. I sanded the entire boat, and decided I need to put on another thin coat of epoxy to level every thing out. I used the shop vacuum, tack cloths, to remove all the dust. I then went over the entire boat with denatured alcohol just incase I was leaving resin from the tack cloth behind. I rolled on a thin coat of epoxy over the entire boat except the flat bottom. The entire boat looked like a big orange peel. The epoxy pulled together into big blobs and I could see sanded epoxy between the blobs. That was last Sunday. I got so disgusted I waited until this morning to see what I could do about the mess I am in. I have been at the sanding all day. I am using very fine grit paper on my ROS and mostly by hand. The surface is so un-level I can still see low spots and am getting into the glass on the chines and other hard to protect areas.

The only thing I can see to do is put another coat of epoxy over the whole thing. I still need to sand some more before I do that. Can any one out there tell me what I am doing wrong? Is my epoxy going bad? I started this project a year ago January worked on it untill mid March, but had to stop until this January. Did the alcohol gave any thing to due with this? How do you dust between epoxy coats?