Re: It's the tack cloth.

Posted by CLC on Feb 27, 2005

>>>>>>>>>>>>Since this subject was brought up, how about after epoxy is done? Can I usea tack cloth to remove any final surface impurities, prior to varnishing. I plan on using Epifanes, which is an alkyd /phenolic base.


Maybe. Probably. Wish I could be more definitive. I've given up on tack rags because I've had too many disasters. I used to have dust-free "finishing rooms" where I'd do paint and varnish, but these days there's so much dust in the air throughout the CLC factory that tacking-off the surface wouldn't really get me a smoother finish. I just use a clean rag and lacquer thinner or denatured alcohol between coats.

Besides, the tack rags are expensive.

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