Clean rags and acetone

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Mar 4, 2005

I know most people don't like acetone BUT I have alway used it to wipe my boats clean before all epoxy work. It leaves no esidue to worry about. I have worked in an acetone-laden environment for 21 years now and suffer no ill side effects. You can safely use it to clean up a waxy/oily mess and get on with a project. The rags are my old t-shirts. I never use any markets rags for my epoxy work. You never know what you get with those things.

Work with the acetone in a well-ventilated space. The vapours will not hurt you but take care if you are asthmatic, it could trigger an attack. Keep all ignition sources away from the vapours. That means nothing on the floor. Acetone vapours will creep towards an ignition source and make trouble.

Robert N Pruden

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